XFlame Black Lighter


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XFlame Black Lighter

Xikar XFlame Lighter

The Future of Lighter Technology

Welcoming you to the future, we have the Xikar XFlame Electronic Lighter. It is a coil-type cigar lighter developed with the latest technology that allows users to achieve a perfect light at the ideal temperature every time. The Xikar XFlame Lighter is a fully electronic and battery-powered lighter that heats up rapidly and is rechargeable. Its burner coils are durable and meant for heavy-duty cigar smoking. However, they will need to be replaced from time to time to keep your cigar smoking experience crisp and fresh.

Durable, Travel-Friendly Dimensions

The Xikar XFlame Lighter is ideal during travel as it is quick and easy to use. It can light the entire end of a 62-ring gauge cigar in seconds. The Xikar XFlame Lighter measures 4.25 inches in height and 0.98 inches in width, while its burner coil has a width of around 1.10 inches. Its exterior and body are made entirely out of metal, ensuring its durable capabilities. With its size and material, the Xikar XFlame Lighter continues to prove itself to be very portable.

Windproof and Refillable

The Xikar XFlame Lighter is very handy and convenient in multiple ways. It does not require butane or any lighter fluid as it is a fully electronic and battery-powered device as stated earlier. The Xikar XFlame Lighter’s burner coils are very easy to clean and replace. The burner coil produces the optimal temperature for your cigarettes and evenly lights up 62-ring gauge cigars with ease. The Xikar XFlame Lighter is also 100% windproof, allowing you to light your premium cigars in almost any condition, any time and anywhere.

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