The Sales Associates of Open Door Cigars are superstars, and we are very proud of our team. They honor our mission statement every day to value every client that walks through the door.  They are dedicated to excellence and show it daily with their hard work.  Open Door Cigars is only as good as its team, and here at ODC we have the best team working together like a well-blended cigar.



Justin  has been with us since day one in May of 2014 and has been in the Cigar and Pipe Industry for over 15 years. He grew up on the East Coast and later moved to the Ozarks.  He loves to read, cook and watch movies. Of course, with a favorite cigar or pipe!  He overseas things at our Fayetteville store and you can normally find him there during the weekdays.  Justin sure knows his cigars as well as his clients! He is amazing at remembering every cigar or pipe blend a customer has smoked.  And his ability to quicky assess a person’s flavor profile is outstanding and truly an asset for us here at Open Door Cigars!



Kevin was roped into joining our team in 2015, when we needed his help on setting up for an event.  He never got away from us after that!  He grew up in New Mexico where he excelled in piano, percussion, competitive swimming and scouting. He loves kayaking, guitars, music and photography.  As a former professional fly fishing guide, Kevin is mostly known as “The Fish Guy.” He led and taught many groups on fly fishing tours.  He is a volunteer in a group called Reel Recovery, an organization that provides men with all forms of cancer a unique opportunity to share their stories, learn a new skill and form lasting friends.  Nowadays, Kevin says he has the privilege of getting paid to help clients find a cigar to enjoy and do moments of life with them.



Hunter has been with Open Door since 2016.  He is a native of NW Arkansas and works for us as a “Utility Player”.  Hunter can do anything!  From retail to bartender, builder to maintenance, he covers the gaps for us!  He works full time with his father in their family business and with his wife in their entrepreneurial pursuits.  Hunter loves theology, games and cinema.  Hunter says, “I’ve had so many great memories through the years at the shop, from the Saturday morning coffee crew, all the way to the 3pm coffee crew. “I’ve had far too many meaningful conversations and heartfelt laughs to count.”



Luke, also known around the shop as “Sly” graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2021 and joined the ODC team shortly after.  He basically walked in and clocked in!  While studying for his finals (at the store), one of our shop dogs decided to relieve herself on his work.  Guess she wasn’t getting enough attention from him!  And Luke has the best sense of humor!  When asked where he was in life, he replied, “I’m at Open Door Cigars making coffee.”  Hmmm, we will claim this is sense of humor, right?! LOL!  Luke currently works for Tyson Foods. He says his hobbies are smoking, shooting and hanging out with “old” people at the cigar shop. Ha! He must be referring to the owners!  And he says his dreams and aspirations are to get on Justin’s good side!  Open Door Cigars is Luke’s home away from home.



Zackary is a native of Arkansas and became a member of our team in 2021. He started as one of our bartenders and says he loves making hand-crafted cocktails and serving our guests.  He and his wife, Kanisha, live in NW Arkansas where they enjoy hiking, video games and music.  One of his fondest memories, “I asked my wife to marry me after I shot her and her siblings a few times…. paintball of course!  Zackary is such a blessing to our team.  Hospitality is what we are all about and he definitely excels in this category.  He always has a smile on his face and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.



Blake became a member of the ODC team in 2021.  He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Computer Science.  He grew up in Texas and moved to NW Arkansas to attend school. He is an avid lover of computers and cigars.  Blake is any bartender’s dream, as he assists wherever he is needed the most.  He is always ready and willing to take on the nasty jobs, and he does them very well!



Max grew up in the big city of Tulsa Oklahoma. He is currently attending the University of Arkansas and studying Finance and Supply Chain Management. Max has a passion for the outdoors, firearms and astronomy. He also wants to get his pilot’s license.  He says, “Flying a T-6 Texan over the California desert gave me the desire to be a pilot ever since!”

Max has been an Eagle Scout and a two-time C-SPAN student and a Documentary Film award winner. After he graduates college, he wishes to move to the mountains and start his own financial firm. He is a truly ambitious young man!

Max and his dad are both a part of our Open Door Family of clients and Max tells us he is excited and thankful to be a part of the Open Door Family of employees.



Wilson grew up in Denton Texas where he loved to play basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and worked construction for his dad. He is the oldest of 3 brothers and has a Lab named Jet.

Wilson graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance. He aspires to one day own his own business and is interested in public service in politics on the local and federal levels. He is passionate about cigars, reading, hunting, fishing, and looks forward to getting is MBA in the Fall of 2022.

Wilson says, “I’m very honored to be a part of the family, and I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can working at Open Door.”



David is a native of Pennsylvania but has lived in Arkansas since he was 3 years old.  He graduated NWTI with a certificate in Machining.  David currently works at JB Hunt.  He enjoys music, books, board games and long conversations with whiskey and a cigar.  His love language is quality time, so he loves meeting new people and getting to know them.  David appears to be very quiet… but don’t let him fool you!  He has a lot of knowledge to share when the timing is right!



Clint joined our team in early 2022.  He has been a regular client of Open Door for several years, so he already knew what he was getting himself into!  Clint was a combat veteran with 21 years active duty service in the U.S. Army.  He served as Airborne Infantryman and Army Ranger retiring as a First Sergeant.  Then he went on to serve as a law enforcement officer.  Thank you for you dedicated service, Clint!  He currently volunteers for the Free Masons and VFW.  He likes to hike, study Civil War History and smoke cigars.  He is known around the shop as “Pee-Paw.”  He is also known for his servant’s heart as is shown in his statement, “What we do for ourselves dies with us; what we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal.”



Logan was born and raised in the NW Arkansas area.  He is currently attending the University of Arkansas and working on his degree in Finance and Analytics.  His goal is to join the financial sector and become a Portfolio Management Consultant. 

Logan loves doing magic, hosting Dungeons and Dragons and playing poker (which he is pretty good at!). He is famous around the shop for his churchwarden pipe and his many tattoos. He ran his D&D group through a haunted house mission once and had all 5 grown men completely afraid of chairs and cabinets!

He has been in the service industry for over a decade now and in 2023 has found a home here with us at Open Door. Logan says, "It already feels like home!"



Landen grew up in Springdale, Arkansas. He is currently enlisted in the Army National Guard, since 2020, where he has sharpened his skills at leadership, mechanics, communication and problem solving. He was admitted for Best Warrior to represent his entire company in front of the Battalion. Good job and thank you for your service, Landen! 

Around the store, he is famous for "looking too young."  But one other thing, check out his socks next time you see him!

Landen's goal is to retire his mother and grandmother. He says, "I live my life for the Lord, and pray He gives me the understanding to do His will, even when it isn't something I wanted or expected. Wow, what a great young man!



Clayton is our Sous Chef!  He is invaluable to Sharon as he helps her prepare and serve food on Cave Night every Thursday.  As second in command of the kitchen, he regularly takes the helm when Brian and Sharon are out-of-pocket.  Many a person has yearned to take over this position, but none come close to accomplishing that role.  As quoted by Snoop Dog with Martha Stewart, “When we cook together, it’s a natural combination of love, peace and harmony.”  And that’s just the way Sharon loves it!



The Board of Directors for Open Door Cigars work a tireless number of hours to keep us moving forward, leveling up, and going from good to great.  Their expertise in business, sales, finance, social media, theology and culture are above the best in the entrepreneurial world.  We are eternally grateful for their service, dedication and value they bring to the table. We have had a Board of Directors since the very beginning.  While bringing the dream to fruition, the group of the initial planners of this small start-up business was referred to as “The Dream Team.”  Over the years we have expanded this valuable group of experts.  We are so blessed to have these devoted friends on our team!



Randy spent a career in corporate leadership and brings so much knowledge and experience to the ODC team and was part of the original Dream Team.  He is a top-notch realtor, the best in the business.  You can usually find Randy at the shop most days if you are in the need for assistance in selling or buying a home or other property.  Randy is the Field General and Official Spokesmodel for Open Door Cigars.  He is also the ‘R’ of The R&B Show (Randy & Brian) that ODC presents on a weekly basis.  Check it out on our Facebook page!  Randy grew up in East Arkansas and now lives in NW Arkansas with his wife, Candy.  They have 2 beautiful daughters that also live in the area. He is a proud Bluejay and Razorback fan and has been an avid cigar lover for most of his life.  He says ODC is a special place for him, and he is proud to be part of the team.  We are the ones blessed by having him onboard.  Randy is absolutely the nicest human being you will ever meet.



Tony was part of the original Dream Team.  As a pastor, he has touched so many lives and helped so many of our clients with their blessings and challenges.  He attended seminary in Dallas, Texas, and worked as a children’s ministries director for 26 years. He has spoken at conferences and camps both in the U.S. and globally.  He states, “One of the greatest honors of my career was being the chaplain for the Fayetteville, Arkansas Police Department for 14 years.”  He now owns his own business specializing in air purification and mold, chemical and toxin remediation.  Tony loves hunting, fishing, competitive slow-pitch softball and coaching his kid’s baseball and softball teams. His greatest goal is to love God, his family and his friends.  He is known as The “God” Father and ODC has a fun portrait of him displayed in the Lounge with that very name.



Tim…Wow!  What a wealth of knowledge!  Tim attended Baylor University and McDonald’s Hamburger University J.  He has been the CEO/President of numerous companies ranging from $30mm to $620mm, and now consults people with buying or selling companies.

Tim smoked his first cigar in 1986 in Saudi Arabia as a defense against 40-50 Turkish cigarettes being smoked in the same room he was in.  During that time, he was smoking Cuban Romeo y Julieta Churchills.  Tim was born in Waco Texas and remembers living in a house with no running water.  He now lives in NW Arkansas with his wife, Patty, and has 6 children and 7 grandchildren. (Are we giving away his age?)  Tim loves to golf, travel and read.  His goal is to retire at 120 years old and says, “I want to grow up to be as personable as Brian Waters, smart like Sharon Waters and as pretty as Randy Odglen!”  Tim’s tag line… “SMOKE PERDOMO!”