The Smoke Can - Green 50 Cal Humidor


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The Smoke Can - Green

The Smoke Can - Green 50 Cal Humidor

The Smoke Can - Lock, Load, & Savor

Introducing 'The Smoke Can,' a cigar humidor with a twist – it's made from a real M2A1 ammo can, giving it a rugged, military-inspired edge. This isn't just a humidor; it's a fortress for your cigars, complete with cleverly hidden humidity controls beneath its Spanish cedar trays and a top-notch digital hygrometer for precise climate management. The cedar not only looks good but also keeps your cigars in ideal condition, while the magnetic accessory holder in dark Multicam ballistic nylon ensures your tools are always at hand. Compact and ready for action, it's perfect for the adventurous smoker who enjoys a touch of rugged charm in their cigar storage. 

Campfire Or Teeing Off? - Take It With You

Embrace adventure with "The Smoke Can," your perfect travel companion for any smoking outing. Whether you're hitting a golf ball or basking in the warmth of a campfire, this compact and robust humidor ensures your cigars are protected and ready to enjoy, wherever life takes you.

Magnetic Accessory Storage

Never lose your cigar essentials again! With its innovative magnetic accessory holder crafted in sleek Multicam ballistic nylon, "The Smoke Can" keeps your cigar cutter and lighter within easy reach by magnetically attaching it to the outside or inside lid. 

Flavor-Boosting Cedar Trays With Airflow Design

“The Smoke Can" features multi-level Spanish cedar trays with apertures for optimal airflow, enhancing your cigars' flavors. Position your humidity pack in the top slide-out tray or below the bottom tray for perfect humidity control, ensuring a premium smoking experience.

Military-Inspired Design

Its rugged charm and military green finish, complete with a Klaro 50 Cal graphic and everything you need to get it started, make it a perfect outdoor accessory and a standout in any collection.

Dimensions: W5.75 x D11.2 x H7.2 (Inches)

  • M2A1 Metal Ammo Can
  • Two solid Spanish cedar trays
  • Black Powder Coated Hygrometer Holder
  • Black Powder Coated Humidity Pack Holder
  • Starter 69% humidity pack

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