Macanudo M Torpedo Coffee


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Macanudo M Torpedo- Box of 20

M by Macanudo Torpedo 

Mm, mm, good! 

Ask most people to name a cigar brand and “Macanudo” is gonna come flying out of their mouths a majority of the time. And for great reason. From their humble Cuban-roots, to their current global dominance, the Dominican based Macanudo brand is truly a household brand. And a new cigar from this brand? It matters. Somewhat stingy with their new releases compared to the other big brands, when a new Macanudo comes out it means something big. And “M” is a most monumental release, indeed. 

Presenting the first ever infused Macanudo, known simply as “M.” With rich, lingering nuances of single-origin Colombian coffee, this cigar is perfect to enjoy as your first stick of the day, or when you’re looking to wrap up your night. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, each M by Macanudo features an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper leaf with Phillipine Isabella binder tobacco and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Toast the foot and you’ll find notes of cedar, earth, and spice, backed by a strong coffee flavor for a creamy blend that’s just screaming to be paired up with a steaming cup o’ joe. 

This is the first ever infused Macanudo which conists of an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper leaf, Phillipine Isabella binder tobacco, and Nicaraguan long-fillers. The mouthwatering infused Colombian Coffee flavors are very prevalent. This is a great morning stick and a must try.

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