Felix Tupperdor Acrylic Humidor


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Felix Tupperdor Acrylic

Felix Tupperdor - Acrylic Humidor

The Felix - A Worthy Acrylic Humidor

Introducing the Felix Humidor, designed to blend the practicality of a tupperdor with the elegance of traditional humidor design. The robust acrylic construction ensures durability, while the meticulous seal, reinforced with an additional acrylic lip on the lid, promises an air-tight environment for superior humidity control. A starter humidity pack is included, offering simple maintenance right out of the box. The precision-driven digital hygrometer, equipped with the finest sensors, guarantees accurate readings, giving you the confidence that your cigars are in prime condition. Inside, a thick Spanish cedar tray locks in humidity and enriches the flavor profile of each cigar. Every detail of the Felix Humidor is carefully crafted, turning your collection into a display that's as conversation-worthy as it is elegant.

  • Air-Tight Seal

The Felix Humidor sets the standard with its air-tight seal, achieved through precision-cut acrylic that fits seamlessly together. The additional acrylic lip on the lid fortifies this seal, ensuring your humidity levels are consistent and controlled.

  • Simple Maintenance ( + Starter Humidity Pack)

Begin your cigar storage journey with ease right out of the box with the complimentary humidity pack designed for two-way moisture control. Just place it underneath the Spanish cedar wood tray and let it work its magic, offering a hands-off approach to humidity control.

  • Precision Driven Hygrometer

Our digital hygrometer is the gold standard for precision, meticulously built with the finest sensors available, complemented by robust internal seals. This careful construction ensures the most accurate humidity and temperature readings, giving you peace of mind that your cigars are in peak condition.

  • Acrylic Advantage

The Felix Humidor's acrylic build offers durability, clear visibility for easy monitoring, and a consistent seal for superior cigar preservation, combining modern convenience with protective quality in one sleek design. The Felix Humidor offers the best of both worlds: the simplicity of a tupperdor and the style of a traditional humidor.

  • Premium Spanish Cedar Tray 

A beautiful Spanish cedar storage tray rests inside the acrylic base, featuring vents for proper airflow from the humidity pack below. Spanish cedar also naturally regulates moisture and enhances flavor, ensuring a stable and aromatic environment for cigar storage.


W11.9x D8.3 x H4 (Inches)

  • Thick chamfered acrylic
  • Acrylic Hinges
  • Solid Spanish cedar tray
  • Acrylic cigar divider
  • Starter 69% humidity pack 


Cigar Type - Gauge - Capacity
Churchill - 47G - 40 cigars
Robusto - 50G - 70 cigars
Toro - 50G - 27 cigars
Toro - 52G - 27 cigars
Toro - 54G - 27 cigars
Toro - 60G - 21 cigars

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