Cylindor Humidor Ash Wood


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Cylindor Humidor Ash Wood

Cylindor Humidor - Glass Jar & Ashwood Lid

Cylindor Humidor: Elevate Your Cigar Experience

Enter the realm of superior cigar care with the Cylindor Humidor, meticulously crafted for both the aficionado and novice smoker. Secure your cigars within an airtight environment, thanks to the durable silicone seals in the lid that lock in humidity. You have everything you need to get started with the included humidity pack. At its heart, a sleek gunmetal hygrometer delivers precise humidity and temperature readings, ensuring your cigars age perfectly. The Cylindor's robust glass body, Spanish cedar base, and Ash wood lid offer not only functional storage but also an elegant display. Organize effortlessly with an innovative divider system, and enjoy the quiet, scratch-free operation provided by its thoughtful silicone base. This humidor isn't just about keeping cigars; it's about preserving the ritual and sophistication they represent.

  • Hermetically Sealed Haven

Bid farewell to the worries of preserving your cigars. The Cylindor's hermetic seal, complemented by silicone gasket seals, locks in humidity like a vault, safeguarding the richness and flavor of each cigar. Embrace the ease of maintenance with the included humidity pack — the first step to a hassle-free experience from day one.

  • Precision at a Glance

The Cylindor features a round gunmetal hygrometer, expertly crafted to provide precise humidity and temperature readings. With an added display for battery level, you'll always be prepared to maintain the perfect environment for your cigars. Easy-to-read, reliable, and equipped with the finest sensors available, monitoring your collection has never been easier.

  • Aficionado Approved

This isn't just any humidor; it's your personal cigar sanctuary. The thick, high-quality glass jar, paired with a real Spanish cedar base, promises the ideal environment for your prized cigars. The solid wood lid, crowned with a precise digital hygrometer, ensures your collection is maintained at the perfect humidity, effortlessly monitored with just a glance.

  • Unique Divider System

With the innovative plastic divider system, organize your cigars by brand and blend, each in its rightful place. Two handles provide swift access when you lift up, ensuring that the right cigar is always within reach for that perfect moment.

  • Elegantly Engineered

Compact yet spacious, the Cylindor's design is a testament to space efficiency without sacrificing style. The rich wood lid incorporates an ergonomic handle for easy lifting. A silicone base shields your furniture from scratches and muffles the sound of your humidor's movements, echoing the thoughtfulness behind every aspect of its design.


D5.6 x H9.8 (Inches)

  • Solid Glass
  • Acacia Wood Lid
  • Rubber Bottom
  • Plastic Divider
  • Spanish Cedar Disk 
Cigar Type - Gauge - Capacity
Corona - 42G - 40 cigars
Robusto - 50G - 34 to 38 cigars
Toro - 50G - 34 to 38 cigars
Toro - 52G - 30 to 34 cigars
Toro - 54G - 28 to 32 cigars
Toro - 60G - 20 cigars

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