Brigham Humidor Solution - 2 Sizes


Size: 8 oz.
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Brigham Humidor Solution 8oz or 16oz

Brigham Humidor Solution (8 oz or 16 oz)

Propylene glycol humidor solution (pre-mix) ready to use to achieve 70% humidity. Two-way humidification is no longer state of the art but the norm in cigar preservation. Simply pour the solution into your foam or crystal humidifier and pour any excess back into the bottle. Return your humidifier back into your humidor, and it will do the job. Check your hygrometer within a few hours and note the new reading.

How does it work....

Propylene glycol (PG)is a food grade organic compound which is colorless, odorless, and clear. When pre-mixed with distilled water at the perfect ratio 70% humidity will be achieved (when humidifier is properly sized in relation to size of humidor). When the humidity level in your humidor drops below 70%, the PG forces the distilled water into the air until 70% humidity is achieved. When the humidity level rises above 70%, the PG attracts the water out of the air and into the humidification unit.

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