Azul y Oro LE Toro


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Azul y Oro LE Toro - Box of 12

Crowned Heads Azul y Oro Limited Edition Toro

One of the most exciting new Crowned Heads releases in our books. Why? Simple, this is coming from one of our favorite cigar factories: NACSA. A new home for many present and future Crowned Heads lines and a synergy that has been in the works for more than a decade when our top dog Jon Huber and Mike Conder visited the NACSA factory. The name is an inspiration from a blue label (whiskey) bottle that Jon & Mike gave as a present to Gustavo Cura during that visit – Azul y Oro translates to Blue and Gold. An experienced tobacco man and directly involved with the renowned Raul Disla, worked hard with the Crowned Heads team to develop a blend with a ton of depth, complexity, and a true NACSA expression. Sitting at a 6×50 toro vitola, Azul y Oro is a Nicaraguan blend containing tobaccos from Jalapa, and three other origin/primings (we guess Esteli, Condega, and perhaps Ometepe) from the country, tied together with a dark Ecuador Habano Wrapper that screams it took a nice tan under the Central American Sun for a day or two. AYO provides deep flavors of wood (pecan is closest), light-leather, cocoa sweetness, and undertones of mild spices and white pepper. 




Ecuador Habano




Dominican, Nicaraguan



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