Square Grid Metal Ashtray - 7 - Inch


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7 in Square Grid Metal Ashtray

Square Grid Metal Cigar Ashtray - 7 Inch

Designed For Outdoor Or Indoor Use

The majority of outdoor ashtrays look great when newly bought and taken out of the box, that is until their appearance and decor tend to degrade over time. That is not it with the 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray as it is designed to withstand the elements of nature while also maintaining its look and functionality. The 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray is absolutely perfect for the outdoors or remaining inside as a designer piece on your favorite table, making it a definite must-have in the collection of any cigar enthusiast.

Sturdy And Heavy

The 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray was made with the idea of being sturdy and heavy, which makes it very desirable for use and ensures its ability to hold its ground in the great outdoors no matter what mother nature throws at it. The 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray has an ample length and width of approximately 7 inches and a height of 3 inches. With its dimensions, it guarantees that no unwanted cigar ash or debris gets out of it.

Deep Reservoir

The 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray’s deep reservoir design secures the containment of all sorts of cigar ash and butts while also making sure that it does not get blown away by the wind. Its deep reservoir design also ends up contributing to its sturdy and heavy concept as it ends up adding weight and height to the overall ashtray.

Easy To Clean

This ashtray boasts a removable top that protects the dish from the wind while also ensuring that you will not have any trouble when cleaning it up. The 7" Square Grid Cigar Ashtray also features 16 grooves, all of which have ample size, to make sure that it can accommodate all of your stogies comfortably while also looking after them between each puff.

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