Don Carlos The Man The Legend Humidor


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Carlos A. Fuente Humidor QTY-150 Cigar Capacity

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man The Legend Humidor

Only 800 of these produced!

This Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man and Legend Humidor is a One of Kind

Don Carlos (aka Carlos Fuente, Sr.) passed away in 2016, at the age of 81. That was the man. The legend, of course, will live on for quite some time in his company, his family, and the cigars that are enjoyed the world over.

This Spanish cedar humidor is a way to celebrate his legacy, and also to enjoy an exclusive blend of Don Carlos cigars known simply as The Man. These cigars use the classic Don Carlos blend (which won Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the Year honors in 2017), but instead of the usual African Cameroon wrapper, they use the Fuente Fuente OpusX Dominican leaf, making the cigar far more bold and intense. The inside is the signature Fuente blend of aged Dominican fillers, some of which have matured for up to ten years.

The top of the Don Carlos The Man and the Legend Humidor, designed by Manny Iriarte, features photos in the fields of the Fuente family, with the Don Carlos band at the center, in relief. Use the tasseled key to open the humidor and you'll find space for 150 stogies, but there's a secret compartment for 14 more. Don Carlos was known for giving away a lot of cigars (you kind of have to when you own a cigar company, right?), so he always needed a bit of a private stash to save a few for himself.

Your private stash is found by turning the humidor around. At the back, you 'll find the small, golden fingerprint of Carlos Fuente, Sr. Push it in, and a tray pops out with room for your most prized smokes.

You might be sharing, but just like Don Carlos, no one gets their hands on the best stuff unless you decide they're worthy.

Gracias, Don Carlos.

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